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The Origin Myth of the Dreaming Woman (2023)

This story evolved from a desire to find a connection between myself and the migrant workers where I grew up. I began to imagine the freedom of their minds to wander, their daydreams as they labored. As a response, I painted Dreaming Woman. She is ephemeral and manifests in many different forms, geographies, histories, and genders. I did not invent her, nor when I cease to exist will she vanish. This origin myth is told in the unexpected place between reality and fiction, with imagery both real and imagined.  

Dwelling (The Origin Myth of the Dreaming Prisoner) (2021)

The squatting sylph-figure Dreaming Prisoner with a plant that grows from her mouth, is inspired by a Kurdish journalist Zahre Dogan, who made a similar drawing while imprisoned in Syria. I see Dreaming Prisoner as the protectress of Dwelling—a spirit that watches over an ephemeral home, a place of origin. This film was made in response to the Lost Voyage Residency at FiveMyles Gallery, and includes performances by rebeca medina, Miriam Parker, and Jean Carla Rodea.

Other videos (2012-2020)

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