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Dreaming Woman (2023)

This exhibition, centered on a figure by the same name, showcases a collection of stories told through painting, video, and installation. Taking on many forms, genders, and geographies, Dreaming Woman encapsulates a contemporary archetype that travels through the unseen channels of the ephemeral universe. She operates as a connective tissue linking civilizations, migrations, dreams, music, poetry, dance and visual media together through her presence and image. For this show I collaborated with Jean Carla Rodea, whose soundscape Soundness for Dreaming Woman fills the space, and Fred Moten, whose poetry is featured in Sylph Altas. Dreaming Woman asks us to dream, to transform, and to see new possibilities. By providing space for collective contributions, the viewers and the performers emerge as part of Dreaming Woman’s story. 

Selected Installations (1983-2021)

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