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I work in collaboration with individuals, sites, architectures, and communities to begin a dialog and find a structure of exchange. I acknowledge the role of these individuals and sites in my work:

Arts for Art Community


Lost Voyage Collective

InnerCity Projects

Artist Exchange International

Judson Church

Pioneer Works

Lakes, Forests, Cenotes, Rivers, Mountains

Monte Albán




Chichén Itzá

Clare Altman

Rob Brown

Steve Dalachinsky

Robert Dutiel

Robert Janz

Alyssa Johnson

rebeca medina

Fred Moten

Patricia Nicholson

Yuko Otomo

Miriam Parker

William Parker

Jean Carla Rodea

Nancy Zendora Dance

Whit Dickey Trio

Lost Voyage Collective (2020-present)

Lost Voyage Collective is a group of women-identified artists who span artistic disciplines, generations, locations, and cultures. Our language of improvisation and adaptability evolves like chapters of a story unfolding through time, beginning with our two-month residency at FiveMyles Gallery in 2020 and reiterating in installations like Dwelling (2021). Participants include Miriam Parker, Jo Wood-Brown, Jean Carla Rodea, rebeca medina, Merche Blasco, Asiya Wadud, Tiffani Moore, and Alystyre Julian.

FiveMyles Residency (2020)

Dwelling (2021)

SEAsaw: Sailing the Cosmic Sea (2021)

This installation—a cross-cultural visual dialog between myself and Jean Carla Rodea—explores the notion of first encounter. This site-specific work was conceived as multiple installations interconnected by the ways in which we look at history through the lens of the sea and the idea of contact amongst divergent peoples. Cosmic Sea is part of Arts for Art Vision Festival 25 and references an Afro-futuristic vision. Our kinetic mobiles and their dynamic motion parallel the imbalances and unsteadiness of American history.

Selections from InnerCity Projects (2011-2017)

InnerCity Projects began in 2011 as an interdisciplinary bridge between Miriam Parker and myself. This became a 15+ year exploration into movement, paint, the physical, and the ephemeral. Through our collaborations Inner City (2011-2012), Inner City Migrations (2013), Incubatio (2013), The Station (2014), Oasis (2016), and Pendulum (2017), Miriam and I developed a common language of materials, gestures, and improvisation, allowing us to use a shared imagination to process real-life experiences.

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