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Light Rain


Vision Festival XX 

Judson Memorial Church, 2015


"In working with helium I address unseen forces.  For some that is music, for others spirituality and for many of us just the magic of a balloon floating in space." 


The exploration of equilibrium and the anticipation of change persists throughout Wood-Brown's work. The balance evokes a sustained tranquility that is nearly always transient and easily tipped. 


Light Rain strips the illusion of interminable stability. There is an expectation for the balance of the work to become undone, and ultimately, for something in a state of perfection to break composure. 

Light Rain activates the vaulted architecture of the Sanford and White designed Judson Memorial Church. The brass strands highlight a relationship between the improvisatory avant-jazz music of the festival and the nature of movement.  The work was accoompanied with a dance performance by Miriam Parker, with Music by William Parker and Michael Bisio.


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