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LOst Voyage

Rowboat at Cenote.jpg


Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown began their work together in early 2010s, under the collaboration InnerCity Projects. They began to imagine different ways they could create interactions in the world around us, using the exigencies of figure-ground from painting and the gesture ritual of movement. Parker brings her insight as a mover and installation artist to Wood-Brown’s two-dimensional and sculptural forms. Together their work bridges the boundaries of time and place. They reference ancient and modern archetypes that have persisted throughout time and explore the needs of humanity to live and dream despite the fabricated boundaries of this world. In "Lost Voyage" a six-week residency, Parker and Wood-Brown will invite dancers, musicians, poets, and the audience to shift and form the environment centered around the ideas of journey, migration, and oasis.


Jean Carla Rodea
Asiya Wadud
rebeca medina 
Tiffani R. Moore

July 21 - September 1, 2020

Lost Voyage is a six-week residency installation that will evolve through time like layers and episodes of a story unfolding, sharing a process of living through these times, exchanging our reflections as movers that embodied sound, sculptures and stories told of the traces of our action. We share our stories of displacement and home, of the search for belonging and empowerment.

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