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The Station 


InnerCity Projects' The Station, is centered on an installation of sound, light, movement, and sculpture that explores how we form our world through images.  In The Station, the viewer becomes immersed in an interactive performance of dance and sculpture by integrating reality through the lens of the imagination.


The live performance provides movements, and sometimes dialog, that are introduced as a way to cross individual experience and personal history as viewers interact within a shared space.  The unexpected, spontaneous interactions of choreographed movements create something that is experienced by both the viewer and the performers as if for the very first time. The Station was presented at WhiteBox Gallery in New York City in 2014,

As a sculpture, The Station, acts a tether for performance, audience interaction, and installation. The sculpture itself is based on the collapsing form as it cascades from the ceiling to floor, invoking a structure or home falling apart as it enters reality. The form is versatile in nature and can be hung in a myriad of ways, allowing for adjustments to be made as it placed in new environments.


Installation sculpture and digital images by Jo Wood-Brown

Videos: Jo Wood-Brown and Miriam Parker

Physical Direction by Miriam Parker and assisted by Michael Getman

Dancers: Anna Schon, Rebecca Medina, Alexander Vizzi, Carly Czach, Carlye Eckert, So Young An, Thea Little, Saouri Tsukada, Jeremy Pfeiffer and India Meneuz

Fabrication by Robert Dutiel

Sound by Ross Meneuz and Miriam Parker

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