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SEAsaw: Sailing the Cosmic Sea


SEAsaw is a collaborative, site-specific work by Jean Carla Rodea and Jo Wood-Brown. We conceived it as multiple installations interconnected by the ways in which we look at history through the lens of the sea and the ideas of encounter. This will be located at Pioneer Works, as part of the Vision Festival, with its theme of “Breaking Free, Coming Home,” July 21-29. The work will be installed outside in the garden and in the main building. 
Our collaboration is an intergenerational visual dialog between two women artists from different cultures who explore the notion of first encounter. Brought by the sea to unknown lands, the experiences of immigrants, refugees, slaves and settlers are as relevant in the cultural narratives of today as they were years ago in this particular location on the water



Installation by Jean Carla Rodea and Jo Wood-Brown

Fabricated and engineered by Robert Dutiel

1_2 Scale Model - Indoor
Full Scale Model - Studio View.jpg
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