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InnerCity Projects' Pendulum was inspired by the larger on-going work, Nomadic Structures that explores the notions of home in respect to the dwelling, the earth, and the universe. The hanging sculpture and the multi-destination soundscape merge into a mesmerizing performance with Miriam Parker as the intermediary. Pendulum plays on the concepts of the beating heart and time and how our mind frames images within time. The pendulum keeps time and creates new frames through reflection and saturation of color.  The triangular shape and flame-like colors of orange, red and blue colors  and the dark mulch evokes the image of fire burning in a hearth. 

Pendulum was hosted by Arts for Art during Vision Festival, 2017 at Judson Memorial Church in New York City, NY. 



Conceptual direction by Jo Wood-Brown and Miriam Parker

Installation sculpture by Jo Wood-Brown; Fabricated and engineered by Robert Dutiel

Performance by Miriam Parker

Sound score by Miriam Parker

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